Seeing the world through a black colour glass

He sees shades of black and grey every time he wakes up.Maybe it is because he see the world through a dark coloured glass. Or maybe because he has been staying in the dark all his life blissfully ignorant, just another unnoticed observant.
Every time he sees the light he steps back into the shadows, their is comfort in what you are familiar with he said. Or maybe he was just a coward afraid of the unknown.
So he watched on as people found their happiness in the light and wore never ending grins.He also watched as the lost their grins and their eyes bled. Yet his world remained the same dark, gloomy, lonely.Every feeling faded away, no situation is permanent, he hated the ups and downs of dating so he remained in feeling. But he also knew that those were the lies he told himself to make himself feel better about being afraid of getting his heart broken.
He wanted to feel the ups of dating without feeling the downs.
He was paranoid, he thought everyone that wanted to date him had an ulterior motive, to use him. So he stayed by his window observing watching and looking at couples walk by and learned to live through them, experience by watching smile when they did but he still felt alone and unwanted when he went to bed alone at night

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