The enemy within

A girl’s enemy will always be her friends.
Every girl has that one boy that annoys her to no end but can or spoils her like crazy.Friends will always have a big sway in a girl’s decision no matter how strong willed she is.
So that rich boy calls you and you don’t wanna pick up the phone because he is annoying but then your friends are like ” pick up, maybe he wants to take us to chicken in!” You look at their excited faces some are practically jumping up and down on the bed and you don’t have the heart to deny the request, so you do.
He asks you out and you don’t want to go so you say No.You get off the phone proud of yourself for having some dignity and not getting tempted by money.
But every time you get broke or lack something your friends remind you that you let the opportunity of getting rich pass by you. ” Imagine he is not that bad, imagine you would have been rich right now, just say yes so that he can give you money then take us to pizza place.” They say.” Come on Shi just say yes, am craving pizza and you have the opportunity to get us one, what’s the worst that could happen, just try it out”Girls can be very conniving and they are so talented in the skill of guilt tripping and blackmailing with a smile on their face.
You feel like you are making a big deal out of nothing and feel guilty for saying no to them so many times so you say yes.You decide to try for their sake.You give in.
When the rich boy calls again you say yes. You go out with him have ‘fun’ and come back to your friends baring gifts; food and shopping.With how their faces light up when they see pizza, chocolate and ice cream,you don’t have the heart to tell them how disgusted you feel.
Even if you do they will just brush it off by saying “It’s normal even I feel that when I kiss Baba John just think about the money!”They make it seem like it’s not a big deal but to you it is.
So when you are alone that’s when all the feelings you have been trying to cover up drown you like a blanket.The guilt.The shame.The disqust.You feel violeted and disgusted by your self.
You get into the shower and scrub your self red in hopes of getting rid the disqust.But as soon as you get into the bed you feel as if the feeling never left.You see him whenever you close your eyes and not in a good way no, in a creepy way like he is watching, as if your mind is punishing you for being a gold digger.He becomes your nightmare and keeps appearing in your dreams to remind you of your shame.
Those friends that kept pressurising you to go out with him are never there for the after math.For when you feel alone, confused and unwanted they are only there to rip the fruits not to deal with your emotions.

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