The night travel

I hate travelling at night, I don’t know what my brother likes about travelling at night because it’s hell.

I am literally going to the other side of the country because it’s a 12 hour journey when you travel by bus.Thats 12 hours sitting on a chair.Unfortunately all chairs were taken except the one at the back.So I am sitting at the back
The two girls sitting beside me are talking so loudly in their language.Their voices are getting louder and louder by the second that I think they are fighting then, boom! I hear them burst out in laughter. I cant help but think, that tone is wrong, I mean who talks as if they are fighting.
The guy on my left is pretending to sleep but his hands aren’t. His hand can’t leave my thigh and he is feeling me up, he thinks that because we are so squeezed and our bodies are touching I won’t notice. Or maybe he thinks that I will think that he is sleep touching like people sleep walk
His hand moves up, up and up I get really annoyed and remove his hand on my thigh.He is still pretending to sleep, he turns and places his head on my shoulder. It irritates me but I don’t shrug him off, I mean I get him, we have been travelling for 7 hours now and I am tired, I feel like sleeping or leaning on someone so I let him be.
Minutes later I feel a hand on my thigh again, I can hear blood rushing to my ears.I close my eyes and breathe slowly to calm myself.Then the hand starts moving again.I want to shout at him, I want to scream and slap his ugly face,I want to become hulk and throw him out of the widow but instead I shake him gently and tell him “stop touching me” I say it gently as if I am not disgusted by a grown man feeling me up without my consent.
I don’t shout because I suprisingly don’t want to ashame him even if he deserves it.What he is doing to is shameful and absolutely disgusting.But I have never been one for drama and I hate confrontations.
The woman Infront of me is sleeping, she farts then wakes up and starts praying and rebuking the demons that are haunting her, the fart demon or which demon? I wonder. It is funny untill she keeps raising her voice and the prayer takes hours, and because I can’t even hear what she is saying it becomes annoying,noise.
The man on my far left is doing all kinds of drugs, he is inhaling tobacco, chewing miraa and drinking the local brew in a go.He then stops to put a gum in his mouth then starts chewing loudly with his mouth open, he is no better than a goat.
The girl Infront is spraying herself in hopes of getting rid of the smell of tobacco, alcohol and sweat.What she doesn’t know is that it is actually making it worse. Its is suffocating in here.What makes it more annoying is that it is raining,so we can’t even open the windows unless we want to be drenched.
So here I am writing to forget that I am suffocating and all I want to do is jump out of the window because I will rather brave the rain than sit any longer in this bus.I am writing to escape my reality because I forgot my earphones and I can’t concentrate enough to read.

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