Running from your head

Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling to just pack your bag and drive to the end of the world?To ran away from your problems instead of facing them?
But what you get out of your room and go looking for your car you realise you don’t have one.You are just another broke teenager who wants nothing to do with their life.
So you book a bus to the farthest place from home you can afford.You sit next to gossiping women complaining about their lives and children crying out their lungs as if being hungry or uncomfortable is the worst thing that could ever happen to someone.
But you bare through it all with the hope of freedom, free from responsibilities and your old life.When the bus finally stops you hold you breath, waiting for that rush of excitement, flutter of butterflies in your stomach any positive emotion at all.But you feel nothing at all.
Then you realise you have carried your problems with you to your new place.The not the place or the people it’s you.Your thoughts, actions, paranoia.
You feel as if you demons are clawing at you, trying to drown you, but you can’t even fight them because they are in your head
So you are running away from your head, but everywhere you go,it follows

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