He said I was too cold but I think it is because I didn’t talk much, I didn’t tell him about my day.I didn’t run to him complaining and crying about my misfortunes but neither did he.He was the silent type so I became silent too.In short, I was not the typical girlfriend who talked alot, too dramatic and cried alot.I was too calm.
I remember back in highschool when our teachers cained us, while other girls cried, I laughed.I have my own ways of dealing with pain so if that makes me weird then am among the weird ones.I either laugh at my pain or get angry, I will rather deal with anger than sadness.
I never needed his shoulder to lean on, maybe it’s because I was raised to carry my own head , to stand up when I fell.He always complained that I never asked him for anything so he never felt needed but I have always believed in being given without asking, yea I know, totally stupid. I mean people are not God they won’t just know what I want! So yea if all that describes a cold girlfriend then yea, I am cold and one of the most terrible girlfriends.
He was not my to go for guy; silent and shy. I usually go for confident and talkative because sometimes I really need someone to take me out of my shell.But he was a good person so it would work right? Or so I thought , he was too much like me, so the relationship was going in a parallel line.We never met in the middle.
To make it worse he was afraid of me so he would never correct me to my face.I know am scary but I can’t be that scary right?Sometimes people treat like a creature from a horror movie, they just see me and they want to disappear!
We were too much alike, silent and boring so most of the phone calls were spent hearing each other breath, they became rare and rare then just non-existent.
Egos clashed, silence prevailed,feelings faded and the ship we were trying to hold a float plunged into the dark waters never to be seen again

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