The fall

I am getting older,yet when I look back at my life, there is nothing to be proud of. There is nothing I have achieved except lose myself to the world.I buried my dreams, hopes and principles in a box, my dresses are becoming loser and I am wasting away like my dreams did.The things that once made me smile now just don’t.The things that once made me excited about life now just makes me feel nothing.Numb. That is now how I feel, I have lost the anger,the sadness,the joy and happiness and I have become an empty emotionless shell.I will the clock could turn back and take me where I was five years from now.I had nothing I was nothing,but I was happy, I had hopes I had a future to plan for. I wasn’t the way I am right now, empty and reaching for what we all reach for……the end of this torture.I once dreamed of fairytales now the dreams of getting drowned by my demons have chased away my sleep and I drag my self from the bed feeling more tired than when I slept. Wash my face and put on make up to conceal the evidence of my misery.That is how my life now is,a tiresome routine.I wish someone had told me that I would be doing this on my on.My heart breaks every time because whether I am being honest or telling lies I am still getting ignored. I can’t shake the feeling that I am cursed

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